est. 1852

Tradition for Centuries

It all started 165 years ago. In the year 1852, the Swiss watch factory Montilier started to produce pocket watches -and  still plays today an important role in Swiss handcrafted watch making.

Montilier - Artwork for Eternity

 The village Montilier (French for Muntelier) in the Canton Fribourg can look back on a very long settlement tradition. On the shores of the lake Murten traces of pile dwellings were found, which can be dated to the Neolithic (4th millennium before Christ) as well as to the Bronze Age. The dendrochronology dates between 3890 and 2625 BC. The first documentary mention of the village took place in 1270 AD under the name of Monteliers.

Later the names Montelliaco (1394), Montellier (1413) and Muntillier (1510) appeared. The village name Montilier is composed of the old French word til (tilleul, lime tree) and mont (mountain), hence mountain lime-tree. Until the middle of the 20th century, Montilier was a predominantly agricultural village and a former fishing village on Lake Murten. The German name Muntelier for the French Montilier became official in 1911 after a decision of the Federal Office. For more information you may visit the website of the little village Muntelier.


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